A Glossary of appliance terminology

Refrigerators - Generally the hardest appliance to pick and choose due to the number of manufacturers, variations and options

  • Sizes - Different Heights, Widths and Depths typically measured in imperial inches

  • Counter Depth - The cavity of the fridge is approximately 24” deep

  • Full Depth - Compressor is located at back of   fridge making them 27” to 29” deep

  • Freestanding - These are generally clad in stainless steel for the doors and have finished sides in either stainless or black

  • Built-In - These Fridges can have door panel added, but tend to have a metal trim around the entire appliance

  • Fully Integrated - These appliances are counterdepth and have overlay panels to conceal the appliance

  • Bottom Mount - The freezer is located on bottom in the form of a single or double drawer

  • French Door - Fridge has two doors that swing open to allow access inside

  • Coloumn - Either an all fridge single door or an all freezer single door

  • Fridge Drawers - Some brands offer base drawer refridgeration

  • Wine Fridge - Can be Tall or base models, with glass or stainless door, or fully integrated

  • Beverage Fridge - Typically are for small beverages and are undercounter with standard door or panelled

  • Dual Compressors - Higher end brands offer compressor for each cooling zone

  • Reversible - Some refridgerators come with standard hinge location, but can be reversed

  • Hinge Type - Hinges can be mounted externally (usually pivot point is at top) or are internal / concealed (built in and fully integrated)

  • Ice Maker / Water - Is an option on some models - Will require water line when installing

Ranges - Come with lots of different features and styles. You must first select your cooking method

  • Gas - Classic cooking using natural Gas or LP

  • Electric - Heating coils to heat glass top

  • Induction - Magnetic cooking that transfer heat directly to pots

  • Dual Fuel - Gas Burner with electric oven (most common)

Rangetop - Gas hobs with controls mounted on the front of the panel

Cooktop - Can be either gas, electric or induction with controls beside/between burners

Hoodfan - There are several types of ventitlation styles

  • Chimney Style - Usually Stainless steel, with wide capture area funneling fumes up through a stainless vertical duct

  • Pro Style - Large bulky restaurant or professional looking hoodfan usually made of stainless steel

  • Furniture Hood - Clad in same doorstyle/millwork as kitchen cabinetry, requires internal motor (blower and liner)

  • Built-in Hood - Blower is concealed within a standard looking cabinet

Dishwasher - There are generally three types

  • Standard - Either Stainless / White / Black with exposed control panel on front

  • Concealed - Typically stainless steel with control panel “concealed” on the edge of the d/w door

  • Fully Integrated - Overlay Cabinet Door makes D/W appear like millwork, control panel is concealed on edge of door

Ovens - In recent years, several types of wall ovens have been added to your choices

  • Standard Oven - Convection technology usually 30” or 27” widths

  • European - Usually refers to ovens with 24” width

  • Double Oven - Oven with two doors for double the capacity

  • Steam Oven - Using a built-in water resevoir to steam your food (a very healthy way to cook) Some models can be plumbed

  • Speed Oven - This uses a combination of microwave and oven technology (A true space saver)


  • Standard countertop microwave (sits on counter or shelf

  • Built in Microwave - Has a trim kit that integrated the microwave into cabinetry

  • Microwave Drawer - To be used in base cabinetry and opens like a drawer

  • Microwave/Vented - A combination micro mounted above a range, which in our opinion is dangerous and awkward

Other appliances to consider

  • Warming Drawer

  • Vacuum Seal Drawer

  • Built-in Coffee System

  • Ice Maker