Homewood Residence

Homewood Residence

Our clients came home after a vacation to find their main floor townhouse flooded. Like many homeowners, they contacted their insurance company to deal with the aftermath. Unfortunately, the clients were directed to a kitchen company that didn’t listen to  their clients’ needs and didn’t create a captivating design.

That's when we came to the rescue!

And were we faced with a challenge! The biggest hurdle was the sheer height of the kitchen. It was 16 ft tall with a bay window on one end and a doorway on the opposite end.  Due to the concrete construction of the townhome, the existing utilities were relatively fixed. In addition, the client wished to have a dedicated hoodfan, undercounter microwave and a wine fridge.  More storage was also a priority.

The obvious solution was to go vertical without making the kitchen overpower the small space. To do so, contrasting cabinetry materials were utilized to help reduce the visual scale of the kitchen. Two different doorstyles were introduced to provide the right balance of elegance and sophistication. To further emphasize the juxtaposition of materials, different cabinetry depths were used. Touch-latch hardware was used on walnut wood stacked uppers to appear as an architectural detail. Cladding the fridge and D/W created a sleek look while the microwave and wine fridge were incorporated into the island; sight-lines from the living area made these appliances basically disappear.

A large bench in the bay window provided casual seating while tieing into the walnut finish. Push-to-open drawers below the bench added deep storage. Caesarstone Attica was used for backsplash, countertop and waterfall creating a  clean, contemporary look while tieing in the black handles, fixtures and faucets.