Commercial Design
Restaurant / Cafe
Retail / Office

With such attention to detail in our residential projects, we won’t blame you if you want hire us to design your next commercial venture

  • Consultation

  • Inspiration Analysis

  • Comprehensive Design Review

  • Space Planning

  • 2D Floorplan and Elevations

  • 3D Rendering of major features

Trade Show Booth Design

Thinking of launching your next hot product at a trade show? We are here to help design an equally impressive booth

  • Consultation

  • Design Concepts

  • 3D Rendering of Booth

Furniture Design
Cabinetry Specialty Items

With so much of our time spent with design and creating millwork for kitchens and bathrooms, its no wonder we are equally passionate about industrial and furniture design

  • Product Evaluation and Analysis

  • Concept Ideas and Design

  • 3D modelling

  • Prototyping

  • Manufacturing and Marketing

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