A new company, a new journey

Today is an exciting day. It's the beginning of a new journey for us. Designstrom started as an idea between two designers. That idea was to build a fun and dynamic design studio with the purpose of providing a top notch design service for an exceptional value. This was one of our core principles. We also felt there was a growing demand for kitchen and bathroom design for the average Toronto family home. We focus a lot on providing tailor made design packages for kitchens,bathrooms and many other spaces in the home. More importantly, we have come to realized that we aren’t just kitchen and bathroom designers. We are dream makers. We help clients take their inefficient kitchens, bathrooms, basements, ensuites (whatever it may be), and transform them into beautiful and livable spaces.

We hope you take a chance and take a look around. We will continue to add more valuable information and of course photos of our amazing designs.

Linnea and Martin from Designstrom
Martin de SousaDesignstrom